Friday, February 24, 2017

New Photographer Offers a Peek at the Guardians Basketball Season

Photos by Brother Rene Alvarez

As part of his work for the journalism practicum this semester, Brother Rene Alvarez is photographing several seminary events, including this recent home basketball game.  Go Guardians!

Val Park waiting for a rebound from Pacific University's free throw.

Val Park going up against one of Pacific University's players.

Hernan Wences and Val Park watch as Luis Cervantes defends and goes for the ball.

The Guardians taking a time-out; Val Park is giving the team some pointers and strategy.

The Guardians finish a time-out with "Guardians on three!" before getting back to the game.

Val Park passing the ball to another team member (not pictured).

Luis Cervantes setting up a screen so Val Park can go in for a shot.

The 2017 Guardians: back row - Michael Hoolihan (team staff), Right Reverend Peter Eberle, Monico Heredia, Edmund Finley, Joseph Baltz, Val Park, and Luis Cervantes; front row - Robert Villablanca, Jr., Alan Soto, Hernan Wences, Joseph Schaff, and Ian Gaston.

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