Friday, December 2, 2016

MAS Faced Off Against Lewis and Clark

Last month the MAS Guardians soccer team was matched up again Lewis and Clark, and Conor Bear captured some of the highlights:

Alex Nelson fights for the ball against a Lewis and Clark player as David Panduro stands ready to make a move.

Isaac Allwin looks up the field to make a pass as the Guardians take the offensive.

Dr. Andrew Cummings chases down a Lewis and Clark player for the ball.

Nelson Cintra pushes towards the opposing goal with fellow Guardian players coming up behind him.

Tai Pham fights to keep the ball inbounds as Dustin Busse comes to help out.

Dustin Busse prepares for a pass.

Isaac Allwin fights to keep the ball away from the Guardians goal.

Joe Schaaf runs with the ball up the field, fighting off an opposing team member.

Jose Lopez Lopez passes the ball to a fellow Guardian to make an attempt on a goal against Lewis and Clark.

David Panduro lines up for a goal attempt.

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