Wednesday, November 9, 2016

College Students Help with Food Drive

by Anthony Rizo

On October 8, the College One seminarians went to help Silverton Area Community Aid (SACA) sort food for those who are in need in their annual food drive.  The process was simple, with people bringing in bags filled with different kinds of food, including cereal, canned soup, rice and pasta. There were also some personal items like soap and toilet paper.

We sorted the products into categories and placed them at a table labeled for those products  One person was at each table placing the products neatly into a box, and we had one person going around collecting these boxes and bringing them to the packaging table.  There the boxes were taped up and labeled.  Finally, a person with a trolley stacked a couple boxes and took them downstairs to be organized. We did this until noon, and during our time there, we talked with the locals of Silverton and became familiar with the community.

As we were working, all of us noticed that the people were part of different religions; but we all had the same goal to serve those in need. The community was nice overall and asked us about seminary and why we chose this path. After the food drive, we met at a park close by to talk about our experience during our ministry. We all got the same out of it, knowing that helping someone in need is beautiful. Even though we could not see who we were helping out, the thought of someone receiving food just made us happy.

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