Monday, March 21, 2016

Volleyball Season Starts Up at MAS

by Chi-Nhan Vo

The Mount Angel Guardians Volleyball team has formed for the 2016 season under the leadership of seminarians Chad Green, Diocese of Seattle; Santiago Torres, Diocese of Calgary; and Dalton Rogers, Diocese of Fresno. Currently composed of fourteen members, the team will begin playing competitive games against area teams, the first of which took place scheduled for March 19.

Weekly volleyball games have been held at Mount Angel Seminary since the beginning of the academic year. These friendly recreational group games were a highlight of the week for many players. In one night, players would rotate out and play as many as five games together. “I've been really pleased to see so much enthusiasm from both new and returning seminarians in being a part of the volleyball program at Mount Angel,” said Chad Green. “It has been a great opportunity for guys from different classes to interact and get to know each other.”

“I really love the dynamics of team sports,” said Philip Holy of the Diocese of Calgary. “In volleyball you really have to rely on your teammates.”

Hernan Wences sets up a spike for Philip Holy.

Captain Dalton Rogers readies for a smash.

Captain Santiago Torres receives a passed ball with a set.

“Individual agility and skill are important, but even more important is your ability to be counted on,” said Dalton Rogers, agreeing with Mr. Holy. “It takes dedication, humility, selfless concern for your teammates, and bravery to face whatever your opponent sends your way. Volleyball is a great metaphor for the spiritual life and the fraternal nature of the presbyterate.”

Now that the season is beginning, team members practice for one hour twice a week, after which recreational games are played for another hour that are open to all seminarians. During practice, the team members drill technical skills like passing and setting, as well as various strategies and formations.

While many members of this year’s team have experience with past years, others are new both to the seminary and to volleyball. “I had a lot of fun being a part of last year's team, so I wanted to make sure the same opportunity for fun, exercise, and fraternity would be offered to the new seminarians this year,” said Chad Green.

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