Monday, November 2, 2015

Three Missionaries of the Holy Spirit Ordained to the Priesthood

Story by Br. William Petry, M.Sp.S.
Photos by Joy of Life Photography

After over a decade of priestly formation, Alexandro Rubio M.Sp.S., Armando Hernandez M.Sp.S. and Manuel Rosiles M.Sp.S. were ordained on Saturday, September 19th through the imposition of hands of Bishop Eusebio Elizondo M.Sp.S. in the parish of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Bothell, Washington.

The three men belong to the congregation of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit. Fr. Rosiles and Fr. Hernandez both graduated from Mount Angel Seminary last year, marking the completion of their theological studies. Fr. Rubio studied one year at Mount Angel Seminary and completed the rest of his studies at Notre Dame University. In addition to this, Fr. Rubio completed a post-graduate degree in counseling after his theological studies at Notre Dame University before his ordination.

The parish was filled to capacity for this celebration. Family, friends and parishioners who have supported and known these three men throughout their formation gathered from California, Oregon, Illinois and Washington State to be present for this special occasion.

The joyful tone of this celebration was heightened as the congregation sang "People of kings, holy assembly, priestly people, people of God, bless your Lord" during the initial procession. Bishop Elizondo expressed his happiness to take part in the ordination of his brothers. He reminded them during his homily that the whole purpose of their years of basic training is for the service of God and his people. He referenced Pope Francis’ metaphor of the Christian vocation and the moon. The Christian vocation, like the moon that reflects the light of the sun, is to be a reflection of God’s face to others.

Bishop Elizondo reminded the new priests that on their own they do not have light to give. Rather, their vocation is to bring the light of Christ to others through their life. Continuing the metaphor of the moon he said, “In our smallness we will not be able to even be a full moon, but we can at least be a waning crescent." This brought laughter to the crowd.

The celebration of the Eucharist and the ordination of Frs. Rosiles, Hernandez and Rubio concluded with a reception afterward. Fr. Juan Antonio Romero M.Sp.S., a formation director of the House of Studies in Mount Angel, Oregon, reflected upon this celebration afterward, sharing that it stirs a deep sense of hope and joy in him to participate in the ordination of his brothers. He said that this reminds him of what the purpose basic formation is: consecrating servants to the Church to bring the light of Christ to all.

Father Manuel Rosiles before Bishop Elizondo.

The ordiands prostrating during the liturgy.

Bishop Elizondo anointing the hands of the ordiands.

Msgr. Joseph Betschart, President-Rector of Mount Angel Seminary, Fr. Peter Artega, M.Sp.S., and other priests laying hands on the ordiands.

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