Monday, November 23, 2015

Fall Write-In Offers Assistance and Companionship

by Sister Hilda Kleiman, OSB

The third Write-In offered by the MAS Writing Center was held the evening of Friday, Nov. 20, at the Press.  All seminarians were welcome to come and work on their final writing projects for the semester.

The fifteen students who attended the Write-In worked on variety of projects, including essays for Writing in the Humanities, capstone projects, theological essays, MA theses, and lessons plans for field education assignments.  The MAS writing assistants, Phillip Shifflet, Dean Marshall, Matthew Knight, and Isaac Allwin were available to offer feedback on drafts and to answer questions.  Sister Hilda Kleiman, MAS faculty member and writing center coordinator, was also available.

The MAS Writing Center Staff (left to right): Phillip Shifflet, Matthew Knight, Sr. Hilda Kleiman, Dean Marshall, and Isaac Allwin

The Write-In was organized by writing assistant Phillip Shifflet and academic chairs Matthew Knight and Steven Wood.  Nathan McWeeney, a seminarian and barista for the Press, made coffee by request.

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