Friday, November 20, 2015

College One Delivers for SACA Food Drive

by Santino Ambrosini

Before there can be a story to tell, there always has to be a beginning. That is where our class of College 1 came into play. As we met in front of the Damien Center at 8:30 a.m., we realized we were about to start what we would most likely be focusing on for the rest of our lives, joining together to help others when they need it most. This we were going to do with our involvement in the Silverton Food Drive.

After our prayer for a successful immersion, we started our trip to SACA or Silverton Area Community Aid. Upon arrival we were taken into the building to get a tour. The entrance was the receiving end through which the large amounts of food that were donated would enter. Just inside the door and down a few stairs, there was the large stocking area with many shelves. To the right of the shelves were the two large walk­-in fridges/freezers that SACA recently got to keep the products in edible condition.

Once we got the basic information about what they did in the stock area, we moved on to the actual part where people who need food would actually receive that help. It was a smaller area compared to the stockroom but big enough for a nicely-sized group of people to move freely around. In this area they had food products on the shelves and in the two full-size fridges against the wall.

When we moved on to the waiting area, we could see the location where people could pick up clothes that were donated. Clothes that were donated were placed on a plastic shelf within sight of the door. They even had a small table for children with coloring books where they could be entertained while their parent or guardian was with a SACA member or waiting for their turn.

Connected to the waiting area was the office for SACA. In this area is a desk with a computer, printer, and other supplies that people in need might not have. The main purpose of this station, after asking our tour guide, is for people to have the tools to look for a job, to communicate with family, or just get information on topics that interest them.

Members of College One prepare for their deliveries.

After finishing our tour of the facility, we were brought back to the back entrance (receiving area) where we all gathered to hear what our part in the Food Drive was going to be. Because of some scheduling complications, we actually wouldn’t partake in the actual food drive which was the next weekend. Our part was going to be the delivering of the food drive bags throughout some neighborhoods in Silverton.

We broke up into three groups with three different routes. Our drivers would be our small group leaders. Even though our time estimate for the bag delivering was to be around three hours, with some teamwork we were able to finish in an hour and a half. There were some exciting times during the delivering, like dogs chasing us, people thinking we were trying to vandalise their property, and one of our vehicles getting a semi-flat tire.

In the end, we all made it safe and sound back to the seminary. There we all gathered together to eat our meal and have a reflection on our finished work with SACA. It was a very fruitful weekend which we all made possible.

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