Monday, November 2, 2015

Bone Broth and Vegetable Simmer a New Option for the Hilltop Community

Story and photos by Br. Jorge Haro, M.Sp.S.

Mount Angel Seminary has a new bone broth self-service station that will add an extra nutritional value to every diner’s diet.  The new station is an initiative of Chef Paul Lieggi and his Bon Appétit team.

The bone broth is made through a very careful process. “We only use local and healthy bones. We select carefully the bones. We don’t want bones from animals that have been injected with antibiotics or steroids,” Chef Lieggi explained.

The new bone broth and vegetable simmer station

The entire process of simmering the bones, depending on the kind of bone, may take up to twelve hours or more. The hilltop community can enjoy beef, chicken, pork, bison, and vegetable broth. Mark Stulce, a Bon Appétit prep employee, said that the broths posses “a light, but rich flavor.”  Sea salt, thyme, parsley, black pepper, and other spices are used to season the broth.

Bone broth can improve the health of diners. Chef Lieggi explained: “The broth is very healthy because it has gelatin in it. It is good for your bones; it has a lot of healing properties in it.” Responding to the request of some seminarians to have more choices for healthy eating, Chef Lieggi said that the bone broth might help to curb the appetite as well.

Chef Lieggi at the new station.

Seminarian Ryan Dixon adding some bone broth to his lunch

The idea of the broth is part of a continued effort to create a better lifestyle for the future priests that will minister to the Church. Chef Lieggi explained:  “It [the broth] really fits into the program that we are trying to accomplish. The fresh fruits and the vegetables that we offer, the natural juices in the morning, everything ties into our program.” Chef Lieggi is also using less canola oil and more olive oil. All these changes, according to Chef Lieggi, will benefit the whole seminary community.

Onions, sour cream, and a variety of vegetables from a salad station can be use as garnishes for a more savory broth. Chef Lieggi stated that in the future the broth might be offered to the general public in the hilltop bookstore.

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