Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Seminarian Dedicates His Poem to the Walk for Life West Coast

The weekend of Jan. 23-25, students from Mount Angel Seminary took part in the annual Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco.  Ivan Arevalo, a college-two seminarian studying for the Diocese of Monterey, wrote this poem about his experience and shares it with the readers of MAS Journalism.

I Walk
by Ivan Arevalo

I walked for me, with no shoes

I walked for a promise, my promise

I walked for my hurt, for my pain

I walked for my wounds, my sorrow

I walked for my living, for my dead

I walked for hope, my hope

I walk now for them

I walk now barefooted

I walk feeling the broken and wounded road

I walk for the broken and wounded on the side of the road

I walk because I am broken and wounded

I walk for their hurt, I walk for their pain

I walk for their wounds, I walk for their sorrow

I walk for the breath not taken

I walk for the steps not taken

I walk for their living, I walk for their dead

I walk for hope, their hope, our hope.

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