Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Architecture of Mount Angel Abbey Library

a photo essay by Huong Dinh

Looking outside of the library, it has a simple architecture.  However, it is very different when we enter inside.  It has an exquisite architecture.

The back of the library and its design allows the sun to light up the building.

The front of the library

The circulation desk is the first place we encounter when we enter the library.

The wood of the ceiling is rounded in the same way as the desk.

The floors are terraced like steps, one after another.

The bookstand holds the dictionary.

The library has both rounded edges and sharp angles.

The reading table curves with the bookcases around the shape of the floor.

The design of the library lets us see how each floor mirrors the other.

There is a pattern of shapes in the floors, the tables, and even the ceiling of the library.

One aspect of the ceiling, seen standing to the left of the circulation desk.

The same aspect shown again, this time from the right side.

The light from the windows makes the gentle curves of the ceiling glow.

Looking from the bottom floor, you can see the patterns of the library in a different light.

The library has study carrels where the students can work hard.

Looking through the stacks, we can see a chair, table, and out through a window.

The library also has special furniture to help provide quiet places for reading.

The furniture even repeats the curves and materials used in the library.

There are many different designs of furniture throughout the library.

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  1. Very Nice!

    Victoria Ertelt
    Library Administrator