Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sidekicks Take the Stage at MAS

News Brief by Sister Hilda Kleiman, OSB
Photos by Frank Villanueva and Sister Hilda Kleiman, OSB

The afternoon of Wednesday, Dec. 10, the Performance Studies class offered the culmination of their work for the semester, a short play entitled Inside Every Sidekick is a Superhero.

The publicity poster for Inside Every Sidekick is a Superhero

From the program for Inside Every Sidekick is a Superhero

The play was directed by Performance Studies professors Mark Woolman and Kathy Akiyama, with the script written by Kathy Akiyama.  The Performance Studies students made up the cast.

The cast was supported by Dr. Katy Leamy and Fr. Peter Arteaga who provided props, and Matthew Knight who worked on publicity.

Front Row: Prof. Mark Woolman; Matthew Knight as Mr. Spock; Chad Hill as Rex Hill, a Life Coach/The Joker; Isaac Allwin as Robin; Jerome Jay as Samwise Gamgee; Prof. Kathy Akiyama.  Back Row: Fr. Peter Arteaga;
Dr. Katy Leamy as Miss Kitty; Kevin Clark as Friar Tuck;
Br. William Petry as Dr. John Watson.

Inside Every Sidekick is a Superhero was received with much laughter and enjoyment by the audience of seminarians, faculty, staff, and friends of the seminary.

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