Friday, December 19, 2014

Bringing Back Classics

a photo essay by Garrett McGowan

Father Theodore Lange of the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon is the state chaplain for the Knights of Columbus and a member of the formation faculty of Mount Angel Seminary. With the help of professional automobile restorers and seminarians from Mount Angel Seminary, Father Lange is restoring classic automobiles for the Knights of Columbus to raffle off to raise money for charities in need.

1954 Chrysler Imperial

Side View
The color is mixed between two shades of gray.  The paint will have to be sanded down and new paint will have to be applied.  The new paint will protect the metal and give the car a new look.

Front of the Car
The front of the car is equally important as the side because it is the first part of the car people see when a car drives up.  The front has as much potential to catch people's attention as the side.

On every vehicle is an emblem.  They must be detailed to show people what model the vehicle is, and it should stand out on any part of the vehicle.  Many people will look to see where it is located.

Tire and Wheels
 Far too often tires and wheels can be overlooked.  Many people place an emphasis on them, but too many people allow them to collect rust and corrode.  The wheels and tires must be cared for to give the car a great finishing look.  It may be a small detail, but in the long run it will make a big impact on the car's image.

These are another piece that grabs people's attention.  If the mirrors are cared for and match the car, they will complement the car.  If they do not match or if they have cracks or any other imperfection, the car loses its beautiful image.  This is another small detail that goes a long way.

The Grill
This is the part of the car located below the hood and above the bumper.  It is important to keep this part looking beautiful because it helps to give the front a finishing touch along with the headlights.

The windows on this car will have to be replaced.  The right windows for the doors must be purchased and they must properly fit.

Windshield Wipers
Most people do not pay much attention to the windshield.  Windshield wipers must be properly fitted to the car.   Finding vintage wipers is going to be important in helping to restore the look.

The Trunk
The trunk complements the rest of the car.  It must look beautiful like the rest of the car for when people look at it as it drives away.

Older cards had slides over the keyholes.  Most cars no longer have these, and it is rare to find.  Because it is so rare to find these they will stand out when someone looks at the doors of the car.

This will be a hard project, but it is as equally important as the exterior.  Everything must be perfect just as the outside is.  This is important because it complements the outside of the car.

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