Wednesday, December 10, 2014

All Saints Social is an Annual Event at MAS

by Huong Dinh

Mount Angel Seminary’s All Saints Social was celebrated on Friday, Oct. 3 in the Aquinas Dinning Hall with the involvement of many formation directors and seminarians.

The All Saints Social was on Halloween, which basically means the night before All Saints Day. There is a little difference between Halloween at the seminary and in other places. At the seminary, seminarians dressed up as saints rather than other popular Halloween costumes. According to Ace Tui from the Diocese of Honolulu, a seminary social chair, the main goal of the social night was “to showcase the artistic talent or gifts that our seminarians have” through the imaginative way they design their costumes.

This year, the social night was combined with dinner, so people participated in the event more than last year. Abbot Peter Eberle from Mount Angel Abbey and a human Formation Director at Mount Angel Seminary led the opening prayer to start the event, and then people enjoyed the food, beer, and social.

After dinner there were games, which were led by Stephen Cieslak from the Archdiocese of Portland and Carlos Orozco from the Archdiocese of Seattle. The first game was called Telephone Charades, where a line of players acted out actions written on a board until the last player tried to guess what was written by describing what they saw from the player in front of them. The second was called Junk In Your Trunk. The players had Kleenex boxes tied to their lower backs with six ping pong balls inside, and they had to see who could empty the box as soon as possible.

The last game was called Mad Dog. Each player was given a ruler with two open tic-tac boxes taped on the ruler, one at each end. They held the ruler in their mouths, and they shook their heads up and down and side to side but not tilted in order to empty the boxes of tic-tacs. People were excited as the games took place, especially when the formation team joined in.

In deciding the costume winner, Father Ralph Recker from Mount Angel Abbey and a human Formation Director at Mount Angel Seminary, Deacon Pio Afu from the Diocese of Samoa and Zachary Ferell from the Diocese of Tucson were chosen as judges. Afterward, each attendant stepped onto the stage and introduced the saint costume. Joining in the costume contest this year was Father Peter Arteaga from the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit. He dressed up as St. Peter Verona.

Judges Deacon Pio Afu, Zach Ferell, and Father Ralph Recker

Costume contest winner Emilio Gonzalez as Saint Francis

The winner of costume contest was Emilio Gonzalez from the Diocese of Fresno who dressed up as Saint Francis. He shared that he chose St. Francis because he was impressed by his poverty and humility. He wanted to be like St. Francis to “become poor to present the humility of God.” Gonzalez also shared that the costume was a better way to introduce to others the saints rather than reading about them because it was a real example. He said saints not only “give us hope that one day we will meet them in heaven, but also remind us that many of them were sinners.”

Isidore Slade and his winning pumpkin

The winner of the carving pumpkin contest was Isidore Slade from the Diocese of Samoa. The best pumpkin was voted by all the people attending the social night.  Slade shared that he carved the pumpkin with the spirit of Halloween in his mind. He explained that the light within the pumpkin symbolized the merciful heart of Jesus even though his face was ugly. He added that we could not evaluate people by their appearances.

The social night ended at 8:30 p.m. It brought the seminary community together and gave seminarians some relaxing time after their midterms.

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