Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Greg Snyder Joins MAS Journalism

by Huong Dinh

Greg Snyder hopes that journalism will be the place where he can get better ideas on different topics and learn different ways to write an article. Greg Snyder is in his senior year of college and comes from the Archdiocese of Seattle.

Greg Snyder

He compares different journalistic styles to the kinds of clothes that a person would wear to different events. Moreover, Snyder states that he is not good at writing in general, even though he knows writing is one of the best ways to communicate with people effectively.  He wants people to better understand what he writes, so he desires to improve his writing skills.

Another reason that he decided to take journalism is because the class will help him to do his capstone paper. A capstone is a research paper that the college-four students are required to write encompassing their four years of studies.

Snyder said this is the first time he has taken this course, and he has never attempted a journalistic approach to any story or event before. He said “good writing is as color to experience,” and it can make people have fun when they read.  He explained more that good writing could be seen like a human being with many emotions, colors and feelings, with different textures and tones. On the other hand, he explained, “bad writing is not enjoyable and not fun,” and it is like a robot which is either on or off, moving or not, and conveying much less of an experience.

Snyder explained his weakness in writing is not about getting information to write but knowing how to organize that information in paragraph or essay form that makes its content smooth and flow logically for the reader. He knows what works when he reads it, but he finds it hard to orchestrate that order himself.  He says he has no appreciable skill in writing.  He wants to practice and master every necessary skill to become a better writer, but if he cannot become a great writer, he will at least settle for just being better than when he started.

Snyder said if he has opportunity, he would like to write about individual seminarians’ vocation stories and share them with other people, especially young people who might consider the vocation of the priesthood. He said through these vocation stories, people would know the wonderful works of God in the lives of human beings. He explained that through better writing in the areas that he enjoys most, he could make a difference in encouraging youth to follow God in this way.

Furthermore, he likes the idea of writing about sports here on the hilltop, the history of monastery and its architecture, and the library and how they manage and protect the valuable and very old manuscripts in the library vault. Greg is hopeful about the skills he will learn and the opportunities that will come about to practice those skills.

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