Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Faculty and Staff Share Changes at the Seminary During First Fall Press Conference

by Frank Villanueva
photos by Sister Hilda Kleiman, OSB

On Sept. 15 the journalism students held the first of three press conferences scheduled for the fall semester.  These press conferences feature various guests, faculty, and staff members who speak to the class about hilltop and community events.

This press conference hosted four speakers.  Br. Lorenzo Conocido, OSB, spoke on the improvements to the Abbey website.  Fr. Theodore Lange spoke about his work with the Knight of Columbus.  Dr. Andrew Cummings spoke on the newly renovated gym floor and the improved soccer field, and Dr. Katy Leamy spoke about her new theology elective on stewardship and simplicity.

Br. Lorenzo led the group and spoke about the new Content Management System (CMS), Gear Box, and the upgrade to the Abbey website.  “This CMS has enhanced the navigation of the website, making it more user friendly,” Conocido said.

Br. Lorenzo speaking about the Abbey website.
Fr. Lange sharing materials from the Knights of Columbus
during the press conference.

Fr. Lange spoke about the new Knights of Columbus initiative to build up the domestic church by having families build small sanctuaries in their homes and having specific prayer intentions said during family prayer time.

“Safety was our number one priority,” Dr. Cummings said as he spoke about the newly installed gym floor and restoration of the soccer field.  Among the additions to the renovation and restoration were new soccer posts on the field and a new scoreboard in the gym.  “We want our guests to feel our sense of pride when playing on the field or in the gym,” Dr. Cummings added.

Dr. Andrew Cummings discussing the gym floor and soccer field.
Dr. Leamy wrapping up the press conference with her new theology elective.

Dr. Leamy gave students an insight to the vision of her new theology elective on stewardship and simplicity.  Using the term “from farm to table” Dr. Leamy explained how this environmental ethics approach includes a field trip to a local farm in the area where they can see first hand what it means to go from “farm to table.”

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