Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Carl Sisolak Takes Journalism

by Garrett McGowan

Carl Sisolak from the Archdiocese of Seattle is taking journalism this year.  This is Sisolak's third year on the hilltop, and he is looking to improve his writing skills.  He hopes that by taking the journalism class he will learn to become a better writer.  In addition to becoming a better writer, Sisolak also wants to get back into photography.

Carl Sisolak

Sisolak grew up in New Jersey.  When he was a child he received his first camera.  As a child he would take various pictures.  Last year on the hilltop he took a class in photography.  He sees journalism as a continuation of the photography class. This was another motivation to take the class.  Taking pictures brings back happy childhood memories for Sisolak.

Along with learning to become a better writer and photographer, Sisolak wants to learn the art of conversation. He wants to meet the new seminarians here on the hilltop and get to know their stories, along with getting to know those from previous years better.  Sisolak hopes that through journalism he will be able to cover new stories and make new connections with the seminarians.

Sisolak would like to cover stories on the hilltop involving different events.  Some of these events are the concerts the monks at the abbey host every year.  Sisolak said that many of the seminarians are not aware of these concerts.  By posting these concerts events on the blog, Sisolak can make people aware of what is going on.

Sisolak would also like the opportunity to interview such as Dr. Leamy to find out more about her new class.  Sisolak wants to cover all these stories to add them to the journalism blog.  In doing so he can make seminarians aware of events and new classes taking place on the hilltop and help people know more about what is going on in the community.

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