Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Serve, Set, Spike! That’s What Volleyball Is About When It Comes To The MAS Guardians

A Photo Essay by Jose Morales

Ace Tui and Isidore Slade hold up the game ball and are the official scorekeepers for the season.

Ivan Garcia, the Emcee for the game, with Sister Hilda Kleiman, O.S.B.

The Mount Angel Guardians Volleyball Team starting lineup. 

Sr. Hilda Kleiman, O.S.B., saying the opening prayer for
 the Willamette Valley Boys versus Mount Angel volleyball game. 

A player for the Willamette Valley Boys starting off the game
with an overhand serve.

A Willamette Valley Boys player (10) sets the ball up for the hit for his teammate (8).

Huong Dinh from the Guardians, an outside hitter, jumps to spike the ball 
to the Willamette Valley Boys.

Raul Barriga and Daniel Miller on the Guardians' side help Deacon Alexander De Paulis, the middle blocker, to block the shot from a Willamette player.

The Guardians gather to regroup and strategize after the Willamette team calls for a time out.

The Willamette Valley Boys huddle up during the time out.

Dinh, the outside hitter, jumps to spike the ball while two defenders try to block it. 

Dinh gets a good spike on the ball to the other side.

The Vikings from Woodburn gather before the start
of their game against MAS.

Justin Ryan begins the first serve of the game with an underhand serve.

A player from the Vikings (in white), tries to spike the ball to the Guardians side, 
while two defenders tries to block it. 

The Guardians wait in suspense while Stephen Cieslak passes the ball over on the last hit out of the three.

A Viking player serves as a setter for his team while two Guardians
try to block the ball.

Cieslak (7) spikes the ball to the opponents by
going off the floor with two feet.

The Vikings coach jumps up to spike the ball to the Guardians side
while De Paulis tries to block.

Pio Afu tips the ball over to the other side while two players from the Vikings attempt to block it.

Dinh (10) jumps to try another spike at the white team.

The Vikings watch in suspense as their coach spikes the ball trying to score against the Guardians.

Guardians players Dinh (10) and Cieslak (7) jump trying to block a spike from the Vikings.

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