Friday, May 2, 2014

Fr. Nguyen Speaks on the Vietnamese Community in Oregon

News Brief by Romple Emwalu

Editor's Note: This is the third of three news briefs on presentations from this class this semester.

Ms. Kathy Akiyama’s class, Cultural Diversity in the Global Society, invited Father Liem Nguyen, O.S.B., a Director of Formation, to talk with the class about the Vietnamese community living in Oregon.  The Vietnamese community is growing rapidly in the United States today.
Father Nguyen said that the Vietnamese are different from other ethnicities in terms of their culture and how they live. “Vietnamese come to settle down in the United States to find a good education. Two of the most common goals most Vietnamese are aiming at is to at least have a doctor or a priest in their family,” said Father Nguyen.
Father Nguyen said that most of the Vietnamese are very determined in labor, business, education and other fields: “Parents are worried about their children’s future; they make sure their kids can grow up with a good education or something that could [provide a] living in the future.”  He said that Vietnamese are very friendly and kind to the people; whatever help  they offer to the community is the same help they offer to the church.

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