Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fiacre Nduwayo Offers Presentation on the Church and Culture in Africa

News Brief by Romple Emwalu

Editor's Note: This news brief is one of three that will be covering presentations for this course this semester.

In Ms. Kathy Akiyama’s class, Cultural Diversity in a Global Society, seminarian Fiacre Nduwayo gave a presentation on the Roman Catholic Church in Africa. Nduwayo, a college four student studying philosophy for the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon, is originally from Rwanda.

Nduwayo pointed out that many people are confused about Africa, and when they ask him if he is from the country of Africa, he reminds them that Africa is not a country but a continent made up of sixty-one countries. 

Nduwayo sees that this misunderstanding leads many people to think that Africans are all the same in terms of culture and the celebration of Roman Catholic Church’s liturgy. Nduwayo demonstrated clearly that Africa has many different cultures: “We don’t speak the same language, and that’s what makes it difficult for the priest, especially a foreigner priest, but there is a commonality I see that unifies the Africans,” said Nduwayo. He continued, “The key element that can unify the Africans is faith.” Nduwayo clearly showed throughout his presentation that Africans have many different cultures of which we need to build our awareness.

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