Saturday, April 12, 2014

Salem Men's Volleyball Team Defeats MAS Guardians

Friday night the MAS Guardians faced the Salem Men's Volleyball Team in a match that went to five games and ended in a loss for the Guardians.

The Guardians achieved a close score in each game, starting with the first game of 22-25.  Guardian Stephen Cieslak suffered an injury in the first game but was able to return to play for the rest of the evening.

The second game with a score of 25-23 included ace serves by Pio Afu and Alexander De Paulis.

During the third game the Guardians achieved a greater lead on the Salem Men at 10-3, and the final score needed to go over 25 before the Guardians lost 25-27.  This game included excellent blocks by Daniel Miller and by Andres Guerra, a new player for the Guardians.

Andres Guerra (18) goes up for a block.  Photo credit: Carl Sisolak

Huong Dinh of the Guardians had an ace serve in the fourth game that ended 25-23.

The crowd of seminary students and faculty, supporters of the Salem Men, and visitors to the hilltop grew louder and louder as the score for the final game went from 14-14 to 15-15 to 15-16 and finally ended in a win for the Salem Men, 15-17.

Watch the MAS Journalism blog more news of the Guardians volleyball season.

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