Wednesday, April 9, 2014

MAS Guardians Volleyball Loses to All Relative

On Wednesday night and in a match that went to five games, the MAS Guardians volleyball team lost to a local team, All Relative.

The Guardians and All Relative stayed within 3 points of each other for all of the first game, ending with a final score of 23-25.  The Guardians were supported by several powerful serves by Huong Dinh.

In the second game, the Guardians took a greater lead right away.  They earned point 21 through an outstanding block by Stephen Cieslak.

In closest game of the night, the score for the third game went from 24-24 to 25-25 to 26-26 until All Relative won 26-27.  The third game also had one of the longest rallies of the night in which a new Guardians player, Justin Ryan, made several key passes.

The fourth game ended 23-23, and the fifth at 11-15.

The Guardians fans, in addition to the Vatican flag that they bring to every sporting event, added a snare drum to their cheers and shouts.

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