Friday, March 14, 2014

Shelf Talkers Offer Music and Medals

Shelf Talkers by Brother Marinus Kim, OSB

Feasts of Our Lady: Gregorian Chant

Try this heavenly sound to sooth your inner chaos.  Calm and relaxation will call your soul to hear God's word in the monks.  Search for God; they will try to make the most beautiful sound of their whole life.  Listen with joy!

Medals of Saint Benedict

Woe to evil!  The medal helps you turn to the Lord's light and away from your own darkness.  It happened to me.  I became a monk as a powerful warrior of God since I was carrying the medal in my pocket for the last thirteen years.  Carry it always.

Editor's Note: Previous posts featured shelf talkers by Romple Emwalu, Frank Villanueva, Jose Morales, Jonathan Eubanks, and Daniel Miller.

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