Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Shelf Talkers Encourage Deeper Prayer

Shelf Talkers by Romple Emwalu

What Happens at Mass by Father Jeremy Driscoll, OSB

I recommend that you read the book entitled What Happens at Mass, written by Father Jeremy Driscoll, OSB, a Benedictine monk of Mount Angel Abbey.  This book is simple and straight forward.  It is most useful for parish assignments and to help deepen your understanding of the Mass.

Wooden Rosaries

The wooden rosaries are long-lasting.  They share the same and simple way of telling the story of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.  They come in different styles and colors.  Some have an ornate crucifix and beautiful beads.  These rosaries are helpful for you during prayer and meditation.

Editor's Note: Previous posts featured shelf talkers by Frank Villanueva, Jose Morales, Jonathan Eubanks, and Daniel Miller.

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