Monday, March 31, 2014

Seminarians Offer Service to Honor Peace and Justice Day

News Brief by Jesus Gonzalez

On January 24th around 60 seminarians participated in a day of peace and justice, a day aimed at reflection and pilgrimage into the surrounding community. The Marion Polk Food Share, a program for the surrounding area to provide food to hungry families, provided four groups of seminarians with landscaping and other service work.

Most groups worked in community gardens or other gardens. Some gardens were for school kids to learn how to maintain or even have a garden of their own. Another different kind of garden was the victory garden that has a special area to read books and relax. 

Most seminarians agreed being at the food bank seemed like a relief from all the gardening, yet there was still much work to be done. Packing beans in bags or sorting out meats was easier in comparison to weeding and gardening. It was agreed among the seminarians that whatever the job was, there was a smile on everyone’s face and a great attitude. 

We all started this journey at 9 in the morning and came back to the hilltop around 5 in the afternoon. Tired, dirty and humbled by this experience, we celebrated Mass.

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