Monday, March 31, 2014

Seminarian Offers the Bokwa Burn

News Brief by Jesus Gonzalez

Staying fit can be a challenge, yet here on the hilltop we have different opportunities be active. One of them is the high-intensity cardio called Bokwa done every Wednesday at 4 at the racquet ball court. 

Fredy Bonilla from the Archdiocese of Portland is certified in teaching these classes. He said, “I had to dance from 6 in the morning till 5 in the afternoon for my certificate.” Bonilla continued and explained this was a personal goal to get certified to teach this.

As I entered into class all I was expecting was a cardio class maybe like aerobics. Bonilla explained that this class would take everything from aerobics to martial arts moves to dance moves mixed together to make an intense class. The simple moves are based on letters and numbers; the counting steps are no more than five. Of course no cardio class would be complete without fast-paced dance music. This class will have you sweating and gets you moving.

Bonilla said “I [as the instructor] make sure I go to the pace of my students, and don’t move on until the whole class is ready.”

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