Monday, March 24, 2014

MAS Journalism Announces Its New Header

by Daniel Miller

The most recognizable brands in the world transmit a message and tell a story through logos, words, and carefully crafted choices. Such is our aim with the fresh look of Mount Angel Seminary Journalism. We are proud to share this evolving part of our journalism program’s story with you, our readers.

As a Roman Catholic institution, Jesus Christ in the Eucharist is vital, and from the Blessed Sacrament flows the mission and work of the people. The Eucharistic host is depicted at the center of our new logo with ripples emanating outward. Just as Catholics receive Jesus in the Mass and go forth, so do the journalists in this program gain strength from their faith in Christ to spread the Good News. The outreach of MAS Journalism extends to the hilltop community and into the world through you, our readers, including a host of benefactors, alumni, neighbors, family, and friends.

The logo also evokes the monstrance that holds the Blessed Sacrament during Eucharistic adoration to reflect the commitment of students and faculty to ever fix our gaze on the Lord. The Holy Spirit inspires every interview, every word, every post, every photo, every day.

In short, this blog is a product of students being schooled in the liberal arts, being formed in the Roman Catholic tradition, and being asked to share what makes this community and experience unique. Thank you for sharing in our mission to spread the Good News about Mount Angel Seminary.

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