Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mount Angel Seminary Guardians Reach Championship Match of Rose City Classic

Sports Reporting and Commentary by Cindy May

The night of Monday, February 24, was the semifinal basketball game of the Rose City Classic between our own Mount Angel Seminary Guardians and the Campus All-Stars from Multnomah.  It was a tough game that was played well.

At halftime, the Guardians were leading 51-36.  The Campus All-Stars were a street-style, scrappy team, and the Guardians met them on while maintaining their strong competitive composure and pulled out a final victorious score of 88-80.

The championship match of the Rose City Classic was the night of Tuesday, February 25, between our Mount Angel Seminary Guardians and the Multnomah University Lions on Multnomah's home court.  The two teams have met and played during the regular season and were familiar with each other and their playing styles.

At halftime the Guardians were ahead 52-51.  The second half was a close scoring game and nobly fought by the Mount Angel Guardians.  The final score was 96 Guardians, 105 Multnomah.

Coach Alex Woelkers said, "This is the highest score for Mount Angel Seminary for this season."  The team had a good season, building the team and school spirit and playing well. "We had fun this season, even with the losses" commented Woelkers.

It is the character of each man on the team that forms the nature and integrity of the team and defines the team, not the final scores of the game.  The Mount Angel Seminary Guardians are good ambassadors and represent Mount Angel Seminary well.  With the completion of each game, regardless of the outcome, they extend a friendly handshake to their opponents and invite them to form a circle and join in a final prayer.

A number of faithful seminarians were present to support their brother seminarians with their school spirit, becoming an extension of teamwork and the seminary community.

The team is appreciative of the support and encouragement the seminary community has given them this season, and they look forward to the next basketball season.  Thank you Guardians for a great season, and God bless Mount Angel Seminary!

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