Tuesday, February 11, 2014

MAS Seminarians Join the WC Walk for Life

News Brief by Jonathan Eubanks

In the heart of the crowd one could hear the pounding of a djembe drum accompanied by the playing of guitars and the voices of hundreds of protesters singing hymns of joy. These could be heard throughout the entire mile-long stretch of people.

The weekend of January 25th a group of forty-six seminarians accompanied by formation director and professor Father Theodore Lange took part in the West Coast Walk for Life.  The ten-hour bus ride down to St. Patrick’s Seminary consisted of a new program aimed at making the trip more of a pilgrimage than a weekend trip to sunny San Francisco. The pilgrimage consisted of community prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours, the praying of the rosary and guided reflection about the injustice of abortion, silent prayer and meditation, and several pro-life films. This new program was formulated and implemented by theologians Joseph Paddock, Stephen Saroki, and Joseph Walsh. The pilgrimage was coordinated by the college peace and social justice chair Michael Nguyen.

MAS Seminarians Felipe Villalobos (holding the sign) and
Stephen Cieslak at the West Coast Walk for Life
photo by Carlos Orozco

This year was slightly different than last year in the fact that both Mount Angel Seminary and Saint Patrick’s Seminary were part of leading the charge of the 60,000 estimated people that showed up to support the abolition of abortion.

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