Thursday, December 5, 2013

The 2013 Ordination of Deacons: Four New Vestments Find Their Home

Photos by Br. Lorenzo Conocido, O.S.B., of Mt. Angel Abbey and Br. Marinus Kim, O.S.B., of St. Paul’s Abbey

Photo editing and captions by Br. Marinus Kim

People enter the church to witness the ordination of the deacons.

Br. Andrew Schwenke, O.S.B., and Br. Teresio Caldwell, O.S.B.,
prepare for the ceremony in the sacristy.

Br. Andrew brings a happy face before the ceremony.

Cross bearer George Wolcott, seminary choir member Phillip Shifflet, and crosier bearer Br. Corey Cook, O.S.B., show a big smile.

Organist Sr. Teresa Gould, F.H., speaks with seminary
choir member Phillip Shifflet.

Abbot Gregory Duerr, O.S.B., prepares in the sacristy.

Before the ceremony, all the deacons and the four candidates gather in the Abbey's Main Hall. Br. Andrew Schwenke, O.S.B., of Mount Angel, Jose Alejandro de la Cruz of the Diocese of Santa Rosa, Br. Teresio Caldwell, O.S.B., of Mount Angel, and Br. Leonel Varela, OCD, from left to right and all of the other deacons.

Entrance march!

Archbishop Alexander Sample presides over the Mass celebrating the Ordination of Deacons with three assisting deacons (from left to right): Dcs. Br. James Bartos, O.S.B., Minh Do, from the Diocese of San Diego, and Br. Basil Lawrence, O.S.B.

The beautiful Mount Angel Abbey Church and the people.

Archbishop Sample prepares for the ordination of the deacons as Br. John Paul Le, O.S.B., holds the prayer book to help the Bishop’s reading. The four candidates lie down face to the ground.

After the master of ceremonies, Fr. Paul Thomas, O.S.B., calls their name, the four deacon candidates come out and stand in their position as Archbishop Sample begins prayer.

Br. Teresio Caldwell promises obedience to Archbishop Sample. Fr. Paul stands as master of ceremonies in back.

Archbishop Alexander Sample blesses Br. Leonel Varela, O.C.D., after the promise.

The current deacons vest the new deacons.

Archbishop Alexander Sample receives the bread and wine from the oblates with two new deacons: Dc. Br. Andrew Schwenke, O.S.B., and Dc. Jose Alejandro de la Cruz.

New deacon Br. Teresio Caldwell, O.S.B., prepares the altar.

The four new deacons receive the sacrament
from Archbishop Alexander Sample.

Final march!

From left: Dc. Jose Alejandro de la Cruz, Br. Leonel Valera, President-Rector Msgr. Joseph Betschart, Archbishop Alexander Sample, Abbot Gregory Duerr, Superior Fr. Matthew Williams, O.C.D., Dc. Br. Teresio Caldwell, and Dc. Br. Andrew Schwenke.

The Ordination of Deacons booklet.

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