Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Oregon Autumn: Mount Angel's Colors

Photos and captions by Jesus Gonzalez

As the weather changes, we start to see a change in the Abbey's background colors. The leaves are changing, and as always we get many visitors that come up to see. As the leaves blanket the ground all around the hilltop, let’s look at some pictures.

Here is St. Anselm Hall. The clear skies give it a chilly fall feel.

The Guardian Angel by the monastery looking up the sky.

The pathway to the hilltop is colored with green, orange and red leaves.

The Abbey Church

The side of the monastery

The Bell Tower

In the Abbey Church, people came to visit and take pictures of the vibrant colors.

In St. Anselm Hall, the bright red leaves complement the red brick and roof.

Along the walking path to the Abbey Cemetery, although some trees lost their leaves, the grounds are still green.

On the side of the Abbey Monastery, we can see the many different colors.

Looking out of the Guest House lounge area, the valley has patches of many different colors.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus statue is surrounded by many fallen leaves.

The bells by the Abbey Church look out on the Willamette Valley.

Late in the fall, everything is so bare only theses last leaves stayed on this tree.

The hilltop is home to more than just seminarians. This tree was occupied by a bird until the winter stripped it of its leaves. This is by the Damian Center.

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