Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Journalism Students Publish Photo Essays

The final assignment for the MAS Journalism students this semester is a photo essay, and those essays will be published on the MAS Journalism Blog over the next week.

The photo essay assignment had four requirements:

Photos: At least fifteen good quality photos.  The photos could be taken in one session or over a longer period of time, depending on the topic of the essay.

Order: When the photos were submitted, they needed to be placed in the order they would be published on the blog.

Captions: A caption needed to be submitted for each photo. In addition to identifying the people and other elements in the photo, the captions tell part of the story of the essay as well.

Title: The photo essay should have an appropriate title.

The students chose a variety of subjects for their photo essays, some more serious and others more lighthearted.  We hope our readers enjoy the essays, and we welcome your comments on them as well.

Please note that if you receive the photo essays by email and are unable to view the photos, simply click on the title of the post to go directly to the blog.

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