Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hands up! Block that Shot! Concordia Wins against the Guardians, 96-75

by Jose Morales

Editor's Note: This photo essay features the game played against Concordia on Friday, November 8th.

Keefe Piper gets in his stretch before the game.

Abbot Peter Eberle O.S.B. (far left) leads the Mount Angel Guardians
and Concordia team in prayer. 

The Concordia team gathers for a few words
of encouragement from their coach.  

The Mount Angel Guardians huddle up to listen to coach Alex Woelkers before the start of the game. 

Keefe Piper (45) gets ready to start the game with a jump ball. 

Br. Matthias Lambrecht, OCD, along with the other MAS players,
cheering on the Guardians. 

From left to right: Deacon Brian Sattler, Peter Murphy, John Kucera, Romple Emwalu, and Brian Kim sit on the side watching their team members play.

Keefe Piper defends the ball from Concordia.

Keefe Piper makes a jump and shoots for the hoop, while Daniel Miller (55) prepares for the result. 

Michael Nguyen (54) getting ready to pass the ball after a rebound.

Stephen Cieslak (33) receiving a rebound.

Stephen Cieslak going up for a lay-up during the MAS vs. Concordia game. 

One of the players from Concordia (32), shooting a free throw, while Keefe Piper and Stephen Cieslak, wait for the shot.

A Concordia player (22) tries to block a lay-up by a MAS player. 

Coach Alex Woelkers (in black shorts) discussing strategy with the MAS players during a time-out. 

MAS Guardians getting ready for the next half of the game. 

Abbot Peter Eberle (far left) enjoying the game next to Keefe Piper’s parents, Lisa and Joe Piper, and seminarian Cody Ross.

The MAS Guardians and Concordia players congratulate each other after a well-fought game. A great sign of sportsmanship!

Stephen Cieslak says a few words of gratitude to all the players and spectators after a great game. Stephen also lead in a closing prayer.

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