Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gratitude and The Journalist's Prayer

Toward the end of the semester the MAS Journalism class started using this prayer to begin class.  It comes from Saint Bride's Church, the spiritual home for journalists in London and for those who work in the media worldwide.

The Journalist's Prayer

Almighty God, strengthen and direct, we pray, the will of all whose work it is to write what many read, and to speak where many listen.  May we be bold to confront evil and injustice; understanding and compassionate of human weakness; rejecting alike the half-truth which deceives and the slanted word which corrupts.

May the power which is ours, for good or ill, always be used with honesty and courage, with respect and integrity, so that, when all here has been written, said, and done, we may, unashamed, meet Thee face to face, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.


Many people have supported the work of MAS Journalism this semester, including:

The administration of Mount Angel Seminary, including Monsignor Joseph Betschart, President-Rector of Mount Angel Seminary, and Dr. Creighton Lindsay, the Academic Dean of the College.

Our guest speakers: Dr. Jodi Kilcup, Director of the Mount Angel Abbey and Seminary Development Office, and Steve Ritchie, Director of the Benedictine Foundation of Oregon and freelance sports reporter.

The participants in our press conferences: Ms. Victoria Ertelt; Mr. Jim Sisley; Fr. Ralph Recker, O.S.B.; Fr. Terry Tompkins; Fr. Jacob Stronach, O.S.B.; Dr. Andrew Cummings; Ms. Beth Wells; Dr. Elizabeth Farley; Fr. Theodore Lange; and Alex Woelkers.

Those who reviewed and offered feedback to our journalism students, including Daniel Miller and Paul Grandi.

The students, staff, and faculty of Mount Angel Seminary who participated in interviews and photography for the MAS Journalism Blog.

All of our readers among the seminary and hilltop community, the alumni of Mount Angel Seminary, and the friends of Mount Angel Abbey and Seminary.

The Christmas Break and Spring 2014

During the Christmas break, the MAS Journalism Blog will publish essays from a variety of courses at Mount Angel Seminary, as well as updates about the journalism practicum that will be offered in the spring.  We look forward to sharing with our readers new projects that help us share the good news about Mount Angel Seminary!

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