Saturday, December 7, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Seminary Dishwashers

by Romple Emwalu

Editor's Note: Romple Emwalu has also published a story on the seminary dishwashers on the MAS Journalism Blog.

Phuong Nguyen, a first year theologian studying for the Diocese of Orange, preparing his plate for dinner.

Before entering the kitchen dishwashing room there stands a sign in red,
a dishwashing guideline.

Freddy Preciado, a third-year college student, is ready to clock in to wash dishes after lunch.

Andres Guerra, first-year college student from the Diocese of Orange, is putting on his apron for evening dishwashing.

The cups have been brought into the kitchen to be cleaned.

Oscar Rojas from Diocese of Oakland California is poised
before the evening dishwashing.

Oscar is preparing the water and the stacks for the evening dishwashing.

Oscar starts cleaning and rinsing the basin, and Freddy at the back warms up the dishwashing machine.

The beater tool is rinsed before the machine will take over for final wash.

Again, Oscar is rinsing the plates before he places them
in the dishwashing machine.

Again, Oscar is rinsing the plates before he places them
in the dishwashing machine.

Utensils, forks and spoons are cleaned and ready to be stacked.

The kitchen’s cups have been washed, and they are ready to be used
for the next meal.

The next loads are basins and utensils. Oscar makes sure they are cleaned and ready to be used again.

Utensils are ready for the final rinsing.

Andres is sorting the utensils out before the final wash.

The kitchen crews start to clean up before the closing time.

The kitchen pans are cleaned, and they now dry out before the next meal.

The plates and trays are ready to be stacked on the cart.

The plates, finally clean, are now ready to get on the cart.

Freddy is cleaning up before the end of the evening dishwashing.

Freddy is stacking the plates and trays to be ready for the next meal.

Finally the cart with all the clean kitchen wares is ready.

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