Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nicolas Facile - Journalist

By Frank Villanueva

Editor's Note: This post continues our series of introductions to the new MAS journalism students.

Nicolas Facile is a seminarian studying for the Saint John Society.  This is his first year here at Mount Angel Seminary.  Nicolas comes to the seminary from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Nicolas hopes that this experience in journalism will help him in the area of journalism, which he says is "another way of communicating" to others about the good news of Jesus Christ.  "Taking journalism will allow me the opportunity to collaborate with others and help to begin the stages of communication in the ministry of the priesthood," Facile said.

Before entering the seminary, Nicolas was the owner of a radio station program called "Luz del Mundo," which translates to "Light of the World," where he would help to evangelize and spread the good news of the Gospel through radio media.  The program was transmitted by a public radio company in a very small town in the Argentinean desert.

His audience varied from the young and old, the business worker, single parents, families who were Catholic and to those who were not.  In a town of only 2,000 people, Nicolas' goal was to use radio media "as an apostolic tool to help transmit the Gospel" to those who were hungry for more than what they were getting and to those who would otherwise have no other means of receiving the good news.

The program included music to go along with the various topics of discussion and a priest question and answer segment where people could call in and ask questions they might have about the topics being talking about and to get priestly advice.

In addition to this passion for media, Nicolas has a great love of reading.  One of his hopeful projects that he would like to pursue in the journalism class is to write about the history of libraries.

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