Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jose Morales Becomes an MAS Journalist

by Brother Marinus Kim, O.S.B.

Editor's Note: This is the final installment of the introductions to our new journalism students this semester.

Jose Morales, a College II seminarian, decided to study journalism this year.  He is studying for the Diocese of Oakland.  During this interview, he shared his vocation story and reasons for joining MAS Journalism.

To prepare himself to be a parish priest someday, he said that he has to "make good communication with people . . . I should be understanding many events to promote the church's activity also."

Jose Morales

Peter Lawongkerd, another seminarian who was his RA last year, recommended that Jose take the journalism class.  Peter said, "If you take the Mount Angel journalism class, you will have a good chance to write stories, to improve your writing skills and techniques."

According to the syllabus for the journalism class, the course "introduces students to the field of journalism and trains them to write for the Mount Angel Seminary Journalism Blog, the Mount Angel Seminary website, the Mount Angel Letter, and other publications of the seminary."

Jose tries to join as many seminary events as possible, and said he will share events with other people through journalism this year.  In order for him to do this, he said, "I will make some schedules to interview with the soccer players, several staff in the seminary or monastery, and the Benefit Dinner, which is a yearly event.  Furthermore, I will make a good photo to emphasize the reality and the importance of the moment."  Jose hopes to deliver seminary news to people more accurately and in a livelier manner with the skills he will learn in the class.

Jose was born and grew up in Mexico until 1999.  He is the youngest of ten siblings.  They lived in the countryside.  His parent's faith is the primary influence in the discernment of his vocation at a young age.  His desire for the priesthood started to grow gradually, and he finally decide to discuss it with his pastor.  His pastor told him the seminary would be a good experience, and even if his discernment led him out of the seminary, he would still gain a good experience.

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