Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jesus Gonzalez: Why Join MAS Journalism?

Story and photo by Jose Morales

Editor's Note: This post continues our introductions to the MAS journalism students this semester.

Jesus Gonzalez, a seminarian studying for the Diocese of Reno, is taking the journalism class this year for many reasons, but he said the most important reason is "the fact that I never had the opportunity to take a journalism class in high school."

Jesus Gonzalez

He did not want to let this opportunity go by, especially because we have one of the Benedictine Sisters teaching it.  The professor is Sister Hilda Kleiman, O.S.B., who was his professor last year for Reading Literature.  He said Sister Hilda helped him a lot in his writing skills, and he hopes to improve his writing techniques while taking the journalism class with her.

So far, he has learned a lot from the handouts he has received in the journalism class.  An example he gave was the handout entitled "Working in Public Relations."  He said that it showed him many examples of how to gain the attention of people while trying to send a message.  Jesus said an example that stood out for him the most was where it talks about tying in the news events of the day.  He said this was important for him because many people do not tie in the news events of the day because it is hard to keep up with daily events.

Press Conferences for MAS and the NBA

This year's class includes some press conferences, and this has been a memorable experience so far for him.  Having the press conference at Mount Angel Seminary brought him memories of a real life conference he attended in Las Vegas in 2011.

He went to an NBA press conference that was dealing with the NBA lockout in November of 2011.  This was in regards to the players' union.  Here he experienced a real life conference; he saw all kinds of reporters starting from ABC News to FOX News and sports journalists.  He describes the conference room being full of reporters: "It was so crowded that I couldn't count all the reporters.  Easily there were more than eighty."

During the conference, he was able to sit in thanks to some of his friends who are journalists.  He said that one of the owners of the NBA seemed to be coming to an agreement with the basketball players, but the union kept asking for more.  Jesus talked about the conference being chaotic.  He said people were bombarding the union, the players, and the owners with questions.

He described the conference held in Mount Angel Seminary as peaceful, orderly, respectful, and well-organized.  He looks forward to more conferences and hopes to be ready the next time he is in a real conference like the NBA lockout one.

Covering the Samoan Community

This year Jesus wants to interview the Samoan community and ask them about their St. Peter Chanel Mass.  He wants to learn the Samoan culture and symbolism behind the mass.

For example, Jesus asked Ace Tui, a seminarian for the Diocese of Hawaii and a native of Samoa, Pago Pago, what was some of the major symbolism involved in the St. Peter Chanel Mass.  Ace Tui said that in addition to the gifts of bread and wine, fresh "ulas" or leis would be giving out at this time.

He explains that this is a further visible and unbroken sign of our unity.  The many flowers composing each "ula" or garland signify the many people of God, each with their own colorful charisms.  The thread holding all the flowers together is a symbol of Christ uniting all in heaven and on earth, Ace Tui explained.

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