Friday, October 11, 2013

Brother Marinus Kim: Monk And Writer

Story and Photo by Romple Emwalu

Editor's Note: This story continues MAS Journalism's series of introductions to our journalism students this semester.

Brother Marinus Kim, OSB, is a Korean monk from Saint Paul Abbey in New Jersey.  Brother Marinus is a third-year student in pre-theology at Mount Angel Seminary.  He is taking the journalism class as part of his course requirements.  He said, "I take journalism to improve my writing skill, and I find it very helpful."  Writing is not Brother Marinus' favorite subject, but as a monk he has to be strong and humble and work with it.  He said, "I have to do my prayer as a monk and study hard in order to pass the class."

Brother Marinus Kim, OSB

Brother Marinus loves Mount Angel Seminary because students and staff are very helpful.  He said, "They love to help people like me to be able to speak English fluently."  He finds Mount Angel Seminary a good school that helps seminarians, especially those whose second language is English.  Students, priests, and staff are very generous with their time to help students like Brother Marinus to be a good student and to be able to comfortably share about his knowledge and culture.

He said, "Taking classes with Sister Hilda is very helpful because she helps me to learn how to speak and write effectively; this is why I also take journalism class because I know I can learn from her and improve my writing skills."

Brother Marinus is interested to write about his life at Mount Angel Seminary.  He hopes that one day he can have his own journalism blog where he can share his own experience about the seminary's life to share with his brother monks and friends.  He sees journalism class as an opportunity to be able to reach his interest.  When he becomes a priest he can share about the ministry he will be involved with.

Brother Marinus' monastery is dominated by Korean, and most of the time they speak Korean.  He said, "When I came to Mount Angel I had to be very careful to make sure I use the correct word when I speak in English."  Brother Marinus really loves to pray with his brother monks and to learn new things from them.

He said he would like to be sent to South Korea and help the people there if his superior allows him.  He would also love to serve his brother monks at his own monastery in celebrating the Eucharist daily.  With the skills he gains in the journalism class he would be better able to serve his community.

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