Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another Point of View: Mount Angel Employees Talk about Work on the Hilltop

Story and photos by Nicolas Facile

"How is the work at Mount Angel?"  Mary Sternhagen, the custodian for Annunciation, one of the buildings of Mount Angel Seminary, answered with a smile, "It is too good to be true!"  She summarized with this expression the opinion of the interviewed employees of the hilltop.

The custodians emphasized how comfortable it is to work here because of the environment.  Jose Rojas, the custodian for Anselm, said: "If I need to define how work is here in a word, I think that it will be peace, tranquility, harmony."  Percy Thompson, the custodian for Mount Angel Abbey Library, said, "This is a quiet and peaceful place.  You feel safe.  It is like a big family with students and professors."

Jose Rojas

Melinda Holderness, the Circulation Supervisor for the Library, underlined how important it is for her personal life, especially the faith life: "My faith has more depth with so many seminarians and monks because of the example of the people who live here.  I'm thankful to be here."

Mary Sternhagen expressed how important it is for her prayer life using a funny expression: "Here in the seminary, I am doing my Ph.D!  Yes!  I 'Praise Him Daily!'  I love the possibility to have Mass every day at the beginning of my day and work near the presence of Jesus in the chapel."

Cindy May, the Executive Secretary of Academics for Mount Angel Seminary, said: "I like my job very much.  I enjoy watching the seminarians grow in their formation.  It is a blessing to be here and be a witness of the formation of a priest."

Cindy May

According to these comments, we can understand how pleasant it is to have a job in a spiritual environment such as Mount Angel Seminary.  It is healthy, peaceful, and rewarding.

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