Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Stories of Mount Angel Seminary

This passage by Jacqui Banaszynski from Telling True Stories will appear in the syllabus for our journalism class this fall and be a part of our first week:

Stories are our prayers.  Write and edit them with due reverence, even when the stories themselves are irreverent.

Stories are parables.  Write and edit and tell yours with meaning, so each tale stands in for a larger message, each story a guidepost on our collective journey.

Stories are history.  Write and edit yours with accuracy and understanding and context and with unwavering devotion to the truth.

Stories are music.  Write and edit and tell yours with pace and rhythm and flow.  Throw in the dips and twirls that make them exciting, but stay true to the core beat.  Readers hear stories with their inner ear.

Stories are our soul.  Write and edit and tell yours with your whole selves.  Tell them as if they are all that matters.  It matters that you do it as if that's all there is.

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