Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Hilltop Passport Party

This afternoon the seminary community celebrated the end of the 2012-2013 school year with an international party for the entire hilltop.  The Vietnamese, Hispanic, Filipino, and Hawaiian and Samoan communities provided appetizers.  The Americans were represented by an international wine and cheese bar.

After the appetizers, the community enjoyed BBQ, salads, deserts and a variety of drinks.  Most important of all, though, the seminarians, graduates and their families, faculty, staff, and employees enjoyed one another's company before heading into the summer break.

Photos by Jose Morales and Sister Hilda Kleiman, OSB

The BBQ crew hard at work: Derek Twilliger, John Kucera, Stephen Saroki, and Michael Sztajno

Arjie Garcia and Ryan Francisco staffed the booth sponsored by the Filipino community.

Two of the bartenders: Leon Vigil and Miguel Corral

Two second-shift bartenders: Daniel Miller and Mark Uhlenkott

Rob Sullivan and Alexander DePaulis kept the music going for the Passport Party.

Members of the hilltop community enjoying the evening:

Doug Krings and Joe Fleming, the main organizer of the Passport Party

Brian Bergeron

Katy Leamy and Sister Hilda Kleiman

Jim Sisley, Anh Tran, Randy Hoang, and Paul Grandi

Jonathan Eubanks and Joseph Norton

Two of the more elaborately dressed guests: Emilio Gonzalez and Fr. Terry Tompkins

Brent Crowe and Cody Ross

Greg Snyder and Peter Julia

Anna Leisuk, Monsignor Joseph Betschart, and Katy Leamy

Brother Teresio Caldwell and Daniel Watts

Jesus Gonzalez and Peter Lawongkerd with a friend of the community.

Brother Nicholaus Wilson and Alexander Estrella

Andres Emmanuelli, Br. Jesus Maria Lejia, and Fr. Vincent Nguyen

Clayton Baumgartner, Frank Villaneuva, and Joshua Keeney

Stephen Cieslak, Cindy May, and Cindy's daughter Carlene

Br. Rudy Martinez, Sr. Teresa Gould, and Fr. Joel Quezada

Jaime Perez and Carlos Orozco

Paul Lieggi and Fr. Ralph Recker

Abbot Peter Eberle and Fr. Vincent Nguyen

Ivan Garcia, Fr. Paul Thomas, and Monsignor Joseph Betschart

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