Monday, May 6, 2013

2013 Appreciation Dinner

The 2013 Appreciation Dinner: A Short Photo Essay by Ivan Garcia

Table settings and decorations were ready for the grand night; the Appreciation Dinner is for the recognition of our supervisors, spiritual directors, and seminary faculty and administration.

The table settings were in season.

Gary Bass of the Diocese of Monterey and Frank Villanueva of the Diocese of Honolulu getting reading for the arriving guests.

Fr. Gerardo Alberto, M.Sp.S. (left); Christopher Arriaga (middle); and Dr. Seymour House (right) are having a good time at the social.

President-Rector Monsignor Joseph Betschart extended his appreciation to all those present that evening.

The Appreciation Dinner coordinators: Jesus Mariscal of the Diocese of Yakima and Christopher Arriaga of the Diocese of Fresno

Father Paschal Cheline, OSB, the Director of Spiritual Formation, explained the importance of spiritual directors.  Many of the seminary spiritual directors and formation directors were present that evening, and the hilltop community acknowledged all of them for their great guidance in the cross of Jesus.

Ms. Linda Showman, the Associate Director of Pastoral Formation, shared her appreciation of all the pastoral supervisors present that evening.

Here Father Paschal is being appreciated by one of his sheep; the students offered a special video that honored Father Paschal.  He was given a standing ovation as his new appointment as the junior master for the monastic community was announced.

The dinner was full of memories and laughter, and the guests were also reflective and quiet as Monsignor Betschart shared the memories and names of those among the seminary community
who passed away this academic year.

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