Monday, March 18, 2013

Mass for Benedict XVI

After his resignation and prior to the recent conclave, the seminary community celebrated Mass for Benedict XVI.  Our photographer, Ivan Garcia, captured a few scenes from the celebration.

A Mass for Thanksgiving for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was celebrated in the Abbey Church.  He resigned as Supreme Pontiff on February 28, 2013, which indicated "sede vacante," a time of the empty seat of Peter.

A portion of the procession at the beginning of Mass.  People from the monastic community and other members of the hilltop attended the Mass.  The Mass was celebrated by Abbot Gregory Duerr, OSB, abbot of Mount Angel Seminary and chancellor of Mount Angel Abbey.

Abbot Gregory processing in with the assisting deacons of the Mass, Deacon John Marshall and Deacon Basil Lawrence, OSB

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