Friday, March 1, 2013

Inaugural MAS Volleyball Game

This evening Mount Angel Seminary hosted the first game of its own men's volleyball team.  The Mount Angel Guardians played the Salem Men's Volleyball team, and despite ending up with a loss, the Guardians provided the Salem team as well as the spectators with some intense competition.

The game was attended by numerous members of the seminary student body and faculty, as well as guests from the Salem area.

According to the program provided by the team for the spectators, the mission of the Mount Angel Guardians Men's Volleyball Team is to "deepen our seminarian brotherhood, through the sport of volleyball, while building up the body of Christ."

Huong Dinh, Steven Cieslak, and Frank Villenueva prepare for a shot from their opponents.

Alex DePaulis, Steven Cieslak, and Huong Dinh work together at the net.

The Guardians return to the court after a timeout.

The following seminarians are members of the volleyball team: Frank Villanueva (captain and coach), Michael Nguyen, Kasiano Sivia, Stephen Cieslak, Huong Dinh, Fredy Preciado, Alex DePaulis, Quoc Vo, Chase Shepard, and Carl Sisolak.

Alex Woelkers served as the announcer, Jacob Flock served as the scorekeeper, and Rob Sullivan served as the main referee.

Enjoy more of tonight's action below!

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