Thursday, February 14, 2013

More Photos of Santo Nino

Enjoy more photos of the celebration of Santo Nino that took place at Mount Angel Abbey and Seminary last month.  Yesterday we published a more extensive story on the celebration as well.  Pit Senor!

A large cross near the beginning of the procession.

Two of the musicians who accompanied the dancers and pilgrims.

Fr. Alvin Cabacang, the celebrant for Mass, joins the procession with his own image of the Santo Nino and in his vestments with the image of the Santo Nino as well.

Some of the many images of the Santo Nino that members of the local Filipino community brought to be part of the procession.

Members of a local dance troop were a large part of he procession.

Many colorful decorations greeted the seminary community and their guests as they arrived at the Damian Center.

The dancers continued the celebration in the Damian Center.

Some of the many images of the Santo Nino that the pilgrims gathered on the stage of the Damian Center for a blessing.

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