Saturday, January 5, 2013

Soccer at Mount Angel Seminary

The 2012 Guardians Soccer Team

Photos by Sister Hilda Kleiman, OSB
Photo Editing and Captions by Raul Barriga

The 2012 Guardians soccer team at their last game of the season against Lewis & Clark College. 1st Row: Daniel Miller, Ruben Hernandez, Jesus Mariscal (Goalie), Justin Odikamnoro. 2nd Row: Joseph Walsh, Joseph Norton III, Ivan Hernandez, Jonathan Cheever (coach). 3rd Row: Raul Barriga, Dr. Andrew Cummings (Faculty Advisor for Athletics), Joshua Keeney (captain), Kurt Hadley. Not Pictured: Deacon Fredy Mancilla, Anthony Ahamefule, Anthony Lopez, Gabriel Feld, Francisco Malkun, Bernardo Lara (Goalie). Photo by Father Theodore Lange.

Right before the home game against Oregon State, the coach, Jonathan Cheever, and the captain, Joshua Keeney, meet with the referees. Joshua was also the coach last year.

Before a very rainy home game against Western Oregon University, Daniel Miller meets with the referee and the captain of the other team for the coin toss.

Jonathan assigns positions during the warmup before the game against Oregon State.

One of the referees tests one of the balls as he chooses the game ball for the game against Oregon State.

Jonathan explains the positions to the rest of the Mount Angel Seminary soccer team players before the game against Oregon State.

Soccer team members Daniel Miller and Andrew Cummings are listening to Jonathan's instructions.

Francisco Malkun, Joseph Walsh, Daniel Miller, and Justin Odikamnoro listen to the strategy before the game against Western.

Ivan Garcia is putting pressure on the other team's offense.

Goalie Jesus Mariscal prepares to kick the ball down the field during the first half of the game against Oregon State.

Shortly before the halftime of the game against Oregon State, Raul Barriga arrives at the game from his work at St. Edward Catholic Church in Keizer.

The day of the home game against Western was very rainy and muddy.

Daniel and Jonathan congratulate#16  Joshua Keeney on his goal against Oregon State.

During the halftime of the game against Oregon State, the team gathers to review their game plan.

The blue armband identifies the captain of the team.

Prior to the second half of the game against Western, Andrew Cummings looks down the field as the whole team comes together for a cheer.

President-Rector Father Joseph Betschart and formation director Father Theodore Lange were present at the game against Oregon State.

Injured team members Antonio Lopez and Gabriel Feld arrive to watch the game against Western.

During the second half of the game against Oregon State, Joshua heads down the field with the ball as Andrew pushes up the field.

The moment before Joshua scores, all pressure is on him from the other team's defense.

Seminarian Philip Shifflet, a faithful fan of the seminary soccer team, celebrates a goal made by Joshua against Oregon State while he runs down the sideline of the field with the Vatican flag.

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