Thursday, January 3, 2013

Performance Studies at Mount Angel Seminary

Twelve Angry Pigs and Lunchtime Improv Games
Presented by the students of Performance Studies

During the noon hour on Wednesday, December 5, the students of Performance Studies offered a spoof on 12 Angry Men entitled "Twelve Angry Pigs," as well as demonstrations of some improv games.

The program provided to those who attended the show and the emcee Emilio Gonzalez offered these words of welcome: "You came to see a show, so we'll do our best to ham it up.  You'll squeal with delight at the antics of our swine as they hog the stage with a rendition of the classic film 12 Angry Men.  Plus, you won't be boar-ed as we being with improv games involving you, the audience."

Students, faculty, and staff took part in the performance
of Twelve Angry Pigs.

Ms. Kathy Akiyama and Mr. Mark Woolman,
the instructors for Performance Studies

The program also included the following invitation for those interested in taking Performance Studies in the future: "Performance Studies is an advanced speech class designed to build your stage presence, voice projection and articulation, and public speaking confidence through theater games, oral interpretation, and acting.  We even throw in a little synchronized dancing!  Look for it again next autumn."

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