Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Regent's Dinner

The 2012 Regent's Dinner: A Moment for Diocesan Families - A Photo Essay by Peter Lawongkerd

Photos by Carlos Orozco
Photos Editing and Captions by Peter Lawongkerd

The member of each religious community and each diocese sat together at the Regent's Dinner. Each October, bishops and vacation directors will come to the hilltop for the annual episcopal council meeting. In the evening bishops and vocation directors sit together with the seminarians. 

Brother Marinus Kim of St. Paul's Abbey and Peter Lawongkerd and Jose Morales, both of the Diocese of Oakland.  Peter and Jose helped to serve the dinner.

Paul Grandi from the Diocese of Tucson and Jorge Cruz from the Diocese of Fresno also served during the dinner.

Francisco Malkun from the Diocese of Boise, Cesar Solorio from the Diocese of Fresno, and Deacon Freddy Mancilla from the Diocese of Orange during the social before dinner.

Abbot Gregory Duerr and Brother John Paul Le, both of Mount Angel Abbey, during the prayer  before dinner.

Christopher Arriaga and Oscar Anaya, both of the Diocese of Fresno, have some quality diocesan time together.

Father Joseph Betschart, (center) President-Rector of Mount Angel Seminary, joins his brothers from the Archdiocese of Portland.

The seminarians from the Diocese of Honolulu with their vocation director, Father Pascual Abaya (center), on his birthday.  His birthday was the same day as the Regent's Dinner.

Some of the delicious vegetables served during the dinner.

Jorge Cruz and Daniel Miller team up to hand out the deserts to all the bishops, priests, brothers, and seminarians.

Francisco Malkun hands out the pear pie with mint leaf to the Fresno table.

Jorge Cruz hands out the last two pieces of desert to his diocesan brothers from Fresno.

Serving some coffee after desert.

Teodosio Brea and Juan Soria, both of the Saint John Society.

Brother Peter Mary Vecellio, OCD, (right) from the Carmelities enjoys the company of his brothers. 

Cody Ross (left) and Joseph Norton (right) of the Diocese of Seattle thank Chase Shepherd of the Diocese of Yakima for the service provided throughout the night.

Joseph Paddock from the Diocese of Helena takes a quick break before cleaning the nearby table.

Father Joseph Betschart stands to thank all the bishops, vocation directors, and all of the volunteers who made the Regent's Dinner possible.

Peter Julia, John Hesla, Brent Crowe, Daniel Watts, Fiacre Nduwayo, and Randy Hoang take a group picture of the Archdiocese of Portland and also welcome Arturo Sanchez from the Diocese of Tucson (third from the left).

Dean Marshall from the Diocese of Sacramento and Zani Pacnza and Peter Julia from the Archdiocese of Portland pause for a picture at the end of the evening.

Christopher Arriaga from the Diocese of Fresno and Jose Morales from the Diocese of Oakland with Father Francisco Hernandez, the vocation director for the Diocese of Sacramento.

Christopher Arriaga and Carlos Orozco from the Diocese of Seattle pause for a picture before heading back to their rooms after the dinner.

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