Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sports Photography and Guest Speakers

As I have been considering our work with photography in the journalism course, I have started following NPR's blog on the Summer Olympics, "The Torch."  Because we have limited opportunity for sports photography at seminary, we can learn about this aspect of journalism through following the coverage of the Olympics this summer.

One of our guest speakers for the journalism class this year will be Steve Ritchie.  Steve is not only the director of the Benedictine Foundation of Oregon, the development office of the Benedictine Sisters of Mount Angel.  He is also a local award-winning track coach and freelance journalist who covered the Olympic trials for the Statesman Journal.  He will share his sports writing experience with us during his visit.

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Theologian from Historical Introduction to Theology

College seminarian Felipe Jimenez has submitted this work on Gregory the Great from the course entitled Historical Introduction to Theology, which he took last semester.  The course was taught by Sister Gertrude Feick, OSB.

St. Gregory the Great on Love
by Felipe Jimenez

Gregory the Great was a great bishop and theologian of the Catholic Church.  As a Doctor of the Church he influenced many of the doctrines of the Catholic faith.  He addressed many issues but especially "the difficult tasks that faced the Bishops of Rome during the late empire and the early Middle Ages" (McGonigle 141).  As a monk, then as prefect of the city of Rome, and later as pope, Gregory the Great knew that the greatest virtue was love.  He also showed with his life that the love of God and the love of one's neighbor cannot be separated.

Gregory, as a man with qualities and capabilities that the Church needed in those days, was elected pope "at a time of new leadership among the Lombards" (Moorhead 5).  During his reign Gregory showed the world a great personality and many virtues.  Gregory's main focus was on the virtue of love.  His letters, homilies, and his Pastoral Rule are just some of his works that reveal the loving person and theologian he was.  Therefore, Gregory the Great is one of the world's favorite Doctors of the Church.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Photography Tips

Under the list on the right for photojournalism, I've added a link to Kodak's Top 10 Tips for Great Pictures.  These are simple strategies that can improve all of the pictures we make for our journalism blog and other projects.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Two New Resources

I have added two new resources to our journalism blog.  First, under the list of links for more news organizations I added a link to The Associated Press

Second, under the page for books on journalism, I have added the Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism.  This book will serve as an additional text for our journalism course this year as I incorporate more work with photography into the students' assignments.