Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The SACA Food Drive

Each year the college-one seminarians participate in the SACA Food Drive in Silverton, Oregon.  This year Chase Shepard filed this report on the drive:

October 20, 2012: It was today that I and the rest of my college-one brethren had our first pastoral ministry.  When we arrived, we first helped the other volunteers who were working there to set up the place for the food drive.

Omar Mejia de la Cruz joins in the work of the SACA Food Drive.

We were then broken up into small teams, and each team was assigned a specific job.  These jobs included bringing the bags of food from the car to inside the building that we were using, organizing the food from the bags into individual categories and then boxing them up, sealing the boxes, and then labeling them and putting them onto the available hand carts.  Then there was transporting the boxes down to the first floor so that they could be weighed and have both the weight of the box and its category recorded.

The last job was to transport the boxes to the storage area and to store them in the appropriate areas according to the category of food that was in each box.  Before we left, we helped the other volunteers clean the floors and pack the tables.

Oscar Anaya Cuevas also preparing the boxes to be filled with food donations.

Upon arriving back at the seminary, we immediately went down into the Anselm Commons and began our theological reflection.  For the theological reflection, I asked the others to discuss how the experience at the food bank had affected them.  These were some of their responses:

Nicholas Paige-Schneider: It was nice to work with the brothers from the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit.  [It] helped the College One community to bond and grow more as a community.

Randy Hoang: It was nice to work with the brothers from the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, and it was a fun experience.

Omar Mejia de la Cruz: It was a humbling experience, and it was nice that there were so many people willing to give up their Saturday morning in order to help out the poor and the homeless.

Essese Tui: It was a nice, humbling, hard, and fun experience.

Emilio Gonzalez: It was nice that the community was able and willing to support and help the poor and the homeless and also that it sort of brought a sense that all of the people in society are part of one body.

Jorge Cruz Paez: It was a good experience that helped [me] practice patience, and it helped to improve the College One's community's sense of teamwork and perseverance.

Jose Morales: It was a fun but hard experience.

Duy Vo: It was a ministry, and it was nice to know that so many other people were also willing to help give a lending hand to the homeless of the area.

Oscar Anaya Cuevas: It was a great experience.  It was also great to help so many people that are in need of help, and it helped the College One community to grow more as a community.

Chase Shepard: It was a great experience.  It also let the College One community not only grow but also strengthen our bonds as a community.  It also helped me improve my leadership skills.

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